What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is useful in gathering information so that your local Seattle SEO company can see how Google sees your site.

Webmasters must utilize both Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics daily. GWT puts you in Google’s shoes to help you see how the search engine giant sees your website. Analytics allows you to see who your visitors are and what they are looking at. In order words, Webmaster Tools allows you to plan ahead and attract new visitors while Analytics gives you information on your present audience.

Google Webmaster Tools provides data such as the trend of traffic based on content, keyword ranking information, Google Authorship data and keyword insights. The search engine allows users to download their own reports and use them to analyze current trends and find new opportunities.

To use Google Webmaster Tools, you must confirm that you are the owner of the website. This step is easy if you are already using Analytics. Once you are logged in, here are five ways to maximize the use of GWT.

Google Webmaster Tools – Search Queries

The Search Queries displays present and averages of keyword rankings. Here you can see the click through rate and organic search impressions for keywords. You can analyze the trends of search query to find out which keywords offer opportunities or how SEO campaigns for some keywords are affecting the site’s CTR and rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools – Traffic Trends

GWT displays the average ranking position for each page of the website. It lets webmasters identify the CTR for the contents of the website; best and worst content; and lower average ranked content with good CTR. You can use the data to adjust the Meta Description tag on high ranking content to obtain better CTR. High CTR content with low ranking can be improved with better social promotion.

Google Webmaster Tools – Understand Keywords

The GWT data can be used when optimizing keywords. Finding search queries by keywords can show the ranking of a website for a specific keyword. It indicates which pages the search engine thinks are most relevant for the keyword. The data can then be used to optimize the best pages for targeted key-terms.

Google Webmaster Tools also shows keyword data for the pages with the highest traffic on the website. You can see the keywords on the most visited content and utilize them in new content or new link building campaigns.

Google Webmaster Tools – Authorship Figures

The tool can also show data from Google Authorship. It shows numbers for all the posts in which you are the verified author. This is a good way to find out which articles have the most views, as well as their rankings on CTR and search.

Google Webmaster Tools – Site Speed Information

The search engine giant considers website speed as one of the vital factors of its ranking algorithm. There is evidence that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm values site speed. Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to see how you can optimize the website and improve its loading speed.